Council Briefs – 22 February 2017

Annual Electors’ Meeting – Following the Annual Electors’ Meeting on 25 January 2017 which 36 residents attended, Council considered the resolution that was passed at the electors’ meeting, where those in attendance voiced their concern at the large increase in rates in Gelorup this financial year following the three yearly revaluation of properties by Landgate.

Council was requested to thoroughly review its entire rating system for implementation in 2017/18 with the primary objective being fiscal restraint from 2017/18.

Special Rural Zone Area 1B Stratham – Council was requested to amend the Land Use and Management Plan to allow the installation of an alternative treatment system at a resident’s property. The current management plan endorsed by Council in 2013 only permits aerobic treatment units (ATUs) in the development due to the heavy clay soils. Council resolved not to amend the land use and management plan and to retain the requirement for all effluent disposal systems at the development to be ATUs.

Development Contribution Plan – Following feedback from the Western Australian Planning Commission and an update of the previous draft document Council has endorsed the draft Development Contribution Plan to allow for it to be advertised for community consultation and comment. The Plan if endorsed will require future developers of residential land in Boyanup, Capel and Dalyellup to make a contribution towards future community infrastructure based on a per lot rate. The draft Plan indicates the contribution will be $6,815 for Boyanup, $3,090 for Capel and $5,142 for Dalyellup.

Reduced Setback Dwelling in Dalyellup – The application from an owner of a proposed two storey dwelling in Eva Fairway, Dalyellup which sought approval from Council for a variation to the existing street setback of six metres to four metres for the house and garage, has been approved by Council.

Water Storage Dam, Boyanup – Development approval for the construction of a dam for water storage for irrigation and stock use at Lot 189 Collins Road, Boyanup has been approved by Council subject to a number of conditions.

Child Family Care Centre, Gelorup – An application by the landowner of 5 Tamarind Crescent, Gelorup to operate a ‘Child Family Care Centre’ from the dwelling has been supported and approved by Council, subject to no more than seven (7) children, including the operator’s own children being cared for at any one time and the hours of operation being restricted to 7.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday. The operator will also be required to comply with relevant Environmental Health requirements.

Mid-Year Budget Review – The Mid-Year Budget Review of Shire operations up to 31 December 2016, undertaken by Shire staff, was considered and endorsed by Council at its February 2017 meeting. The review indicated that Shire projects are on track to be completed in the current financial year with an expected overall 30 June 2017 surplus of $4,854 being forecast compared to the budget forecast of $4,442.