Dog Exercise Areas

If you own a dog, you have a legal responsibility under the Dog Act 1976 to keep it under control, either within a fenced area on your property or on a leash in public. The Act allows local governments to provide areas where dogs can run freely off the lead.

Please remember that even off the lead, your dog must be under effective control. This means that if you can’t see your dog, your dog can’t hear you or it doesn’t come when you call – it is not under effective control. You need to have a lead with you even when your dog is running freely in an off lead exercise area. You also need to clean up any droppings your dog leaves.

Boyanup Exercise Area Map

Capel Exercise Area Map

Dalyellup & Gelorup Exercise Area Map

Forrest Beach Exercise Area Map

Peppermint Grove Beach Exercise Area Map

Stratham Beach Exercise Area Map