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Notice of Intention to Levy Differential Rates

The Shire of Capel advises that in accordance with Section 6.36 of the Local Government Act 1995, it proposes to adopt the following rates in the dollar and minimum rates for the Differential and Specified Area rating categories specified, for the 2017/18 financial year.


Rate in the $ Minimum
Differential Rating:
– Residential (zone group 1 GRV) 7.3410 cents $1,269.00
– Residential Vacant (zone group 2 GRV) 12.6403 cents $1,269.00
– Urban Development (zone group 3 GRV) 7.3410 cents $1,269.00
– Urban Development Vacant (zone group 4 GRV) 12.6403 cents $1,269.00
– Town Centre (zone group 5 GRV) 7.6861 cents $1,269.00
– Town Centre / Special Use / Light  Industry Vacant (zone group 6 GRV) 7.6861 cents $1,269.00
– Light Industry (zone group 7 GRV) 7.6861 cents $1,269.00
– Commercial Use Urban Development  (zone group 8 GRV)    7.6861 cents $1,269.00
– Special Use (zone group 9 GRV)    7.6861 cents $1,269.00
– Rural Commercial Use (zone group 10 UV)    0.4600 cents $1,269.00
– Rural (zone group 11 UV)    0.4600 cents $1,269.00
– Special Rural (zone group 12 GRV)    6.3452 cents $1,269.00
Specified Area Rating:
– Dalyellup Parks, Reserves Maintenance  (GRV)
Purpose: Maintenance of Parks and Reserves in Dalyellup
4.8160 cents (to a maximum of $186.88 per assessment) Nil


A document describing the objectives and reasons for each proposed rate is available at the Shire Office, Forrest Road, Capel during normal office hours, at Shire Libraries or by clicking here.

Ratepayers and electors are invited to make submissions in respect of the proposed rates, minimum payment and any related matter by 4.00pm on Friday 26 May 2017.



Stolen Goal Posts – Lutheran Play Fields

Two goal posts have been stolen from Lutheran playing fields, Dalyellup. If anyone sees them or has any information please contact the Shire on 9727 0222 or

Forrest Beach Road Closure

Please be advised that Forrest Beach Road will be closed from the 8 May to October 2017 while the Water Corporation replace the Bridge.

Waste Transfer Station New Access Road Proposal

Residents in Capel Town are being encouraged to have their say about a new access road proposed for the Capel Waste Transfer Station.

Negotiations are currently being undertaken with Iluka Resources for a parcel of land that will enable the continuation of Ilmenite Crescent (light industrial area) resulting in a new access road (see map) for the Capel Waste Transfer Station, and potentially allow the Shire Depot to be relocated out of the current residential area in the future.

Council believes that this will reduce traffic and noise for residents along Range Road and the new subdivision and this project was derived from the Capel Townsite Strategy.

The final design of the project is not yet complete however options include such items as the potential closure of Range Road beyond the last occupied lot
(Lot 138).

Discussions are ongoing with other stakeholders (e.g. Brookfield Rail and ATCO Gas). The outcome of these discussions may affect the practicality of the proposal. This consultation phase is therefore restricted to creation of the necessary Road Reserve in the land proposed for the southern LIA.

A Flyer is being distributed to each household of Capel with a plan of the proposed road. The Flyer and the Plan is also available here and in the Capel Iluka Library.

Comments on the proposal can be made in writing to the Shire of Capel and returned to PO Box 369, Capel WA 6271 or email to by Monday 22 May 2017.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Shahin Mahmud on 97270222, or email at

Weed Spraying

The Shire of Capel will be undertaking rural road and town site weed spraying commencing on the 15th of May.

This is to reduce the amount of weeds in our road shoulders, reserves, kerbs and footpaths. These works should be completed by the 23rd of June weather permitting.

Any queries contact the Shire Parks Supervisor on 9727 0222 or