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Beach Access Vehicle Closure

The Shire of Capel wishes to advise residents that due to the recent storms and high seas the beach access at the Surf Club, southern beach, Dalyellup and Hardy Terrace Peppermint Grove Beach are closed to vehicles until further notice. Please obey the signs and don’t access the beach. The beach access at Rich Road, Stratham is still open at this time.

WA Local Government Elections – How to Vote

How to Vote

Sale of Abandoned Vehicle Wrecks

The Shire of Capel invites offers for the following abandoned vehicle wrecks:

  • No. 204 – Nissan Pulsar
  • No. 205 – Renault
  • No. 206 – Ford Fiesta Hatch
  • No. 208 – Toyota Corolla
  • No. 209 – Toyota Corolla

The vehicles may only be inspected by appointment with Council’s Community Rangers on 0417 953 959.

Offers should be lodged in writing by 1 September 2017 at the Shire Administration Office or by post:

Chief Executive Officer
Shire of Capel
PO Box 369

Vehicles must be removed from the impound yard within 7 days of being advised of successful purchase.

Budget Information 2017-18

For the 2017-18 financial year the Shire will receive its funding from a number of sources. Rates income is budgeted at $12.3 million and represents 56.2% of the total income for the Shire. While Rates income is the largest contributor to revenue, the Shire receives a total of 26.6% on its income from Grants & Subsidies (from both State and Federal Government and other funding bodies) and a further 14.3% from Fees and Charges. The complete breakdown is illustrated below.

Shire expenditure is allocated across a number of services. The largest area of expenditure is Transport(35.0%) and includes capital and operating expenditure on roads, bridges and paths. This is followed by Recreation & Culture (22.7%) and includes expenditure on items such as public halls and centres, recreation grounds and sporting facilities, libraries, parks and reserves. 18.3% of expenditure is spent on Community Amenities which includes expenditure on refuse collection, the waste transfer station, protection of the environment, cemeteries, town planning and regional development. Rates income is generated from a number of rating categories. The largest portion of Rates income at 74.6% is from Residential & Urban properties, followed by income from Rural properties at 14.8%. Special Rural represents 5.6% of Rates income with the balance being made up from a combination of Commercial/Special Use, Industrial and Rural Commercial Use.

For the 2017-18 financial year the Shire will receive its funding from a number of sources. Rates income is budgeted at $12.3 million and represents 56.2% of the total income for the Shire. While Rates income is the largest contributor to revenue, the Shire receives a total of 26.6% on its income from Grants & Subsidies (from both State and Federal Government and other funding bodies) and a further 14.3% from Fees and Charges. The complete breakdown is illustrated below.



Services Provided by the Shire of Capel


Building Services Processing building permits (for new buildings & additions to existing), Inspections and building enquiries
Community Development Encouraging community events, promotion of the Shire, communication of Shire news and events, preparation of grant applications, assistance with grants,  organising youth activities, promoting neighborhood watch and community safety.
Community Ranger Services Animal control, control of various activities on reserves, beaches and roads, litter, stray live stock, camping, navigable waters, animal welfare, burning off and illegal fires, fire prevention, parking, voluntary bush fire brigade liaison, fire break inspections, abandoned vehicles, lost dogs, etc
Customer Services Answering or directing your telephone and counter enquiries, processing your payments, hall bookings
Financial Services Balancing the Budget, monthly financial reporting, financial planning, managing cash flow and investments
Governance Assisting the CEO, Council agendas & minutes, liaising with Council, local laws development & administration
Health Services Ensuring public health standards are met, mosquito monitoring, water sampling, noise and noxious activities/issues
Parks & Gardens Mowing and maintaining recreation grounds, parks, public open space, playgrounds, skateparks, reserves and public toilets.
Planning and Development


Processing of development applications to ensure the orderly development of the Shire.
Rates Services Processing change of address/owners, adding new properties, raising charges, issuing rebates, advising property details, managing payment of rate notices.
Engineering & Operations Design, construction and maintenance of the road, drainage and dual use path networks throughout the Shire. Managing the maintenance and development of Council’s numerous building and other assets, managing construction projects.
Waste Transfer Station Located in Range Road, Capel and open every Friday – Tuesday from 9.30am to 5pm (except Christmas Day and Good Friday)

Message from the Shire President

It has been a busy few years for the Shire of Capel and 2017/18 is shaping up to be no different. Some key projects have been delivered and Council are looking forward to yet another year of growth. As the Shire continues to change and evolve, Council has given careful consideration to the various projects which have been included in the budget for the 2017/18 financial year with the aim of delivering the very best outcome to the Shire’s ratepayers and residents. Through the budget process, Council has again prepared a balanced budget with all operating and capital expenditure being funded from revenue sources including grants, fees, loans and property rates. To achieve this result it has been necessary to generate an overall rates yield of 7.2%.

The 2017/18 budget process has seen the continued implementation of Council’s Strategic Community Plan and Corporate Business Plan. These documents form the “Plan for the Future” of the Shire of Capel and are part of the Integrated Planning Framework adopted by the whole local government sector in Western Australia in 2013/14. These documents, along with the related financial planning documents, have formed the basis for new projects in the budget and those projects which maintain and preserve existing facilities and services.

In 2016/17, the Shire of Capel has undertaken a new round of community consultation which will feed into the future Integrated Planning Framework and overarching financial planning. Residents of the Shire were invited, with many attending, various community forums around the Shire to provide input and feedback on Shire services and community aspirations. The revised Strategic Community Plan generated from this process will influence the future Corporate Business Plan, Integrated Planning Framework and long term financial planning. This consultation and long term planning is key to achieving the best use of Shire resources across the whole community. In recent years, the Shire has experienced strong population growth with residential growth estimated at 2.37% for the coming year with further residential subdivision development in Dalyellup partly driving this growth. The level of subdivision development in other residential and semi-rural areas of the Shire also provides positive growth indicators for the future.

Continued growth and land development within the Shire, places increasing demands on the services and facilities of Council. In 2016/17, Council revised and endorsed its Long Term Financial Plan which outlined those projects proposed to be delivered within the next ten years. Following on from this year’s community consultation, the updated Strategic Community Plan will be finalised in the 2017/18 financial year. This will provide renewed direction to Council and will result in additional planning and consultation by staff tailoring resources to community needs and aspirations. This will involve all aspects of Council’s operations from health, town planning, and engineering and community services through to long term financial planning, asset management, governance and compliance. The level of growth and change within the Shire has required on-going assessment of staffing resources in order to meet both legislative and community expectations in addition to state departmental guidelines.

This year’s budget will see the delivery of a number of significant projects including:

  • The first tranche of the construction of Stages 3, 3A & 4 of the Capel Civic Precinct works. The budgeted cost of this portion of the overall project is $1.36 million with approximately $0.70 million proposed to be funded via external grants and the balance from Council funds and Reserves;
  • Some remedial works, costing $40,000, on the Capel Recreation Ground in preparation for future training ground and fencing renewal.
  • $89,000 has been allocated to fund trails within the Shire.
  • Phase 1 of the project to upgrade and improve the Boyanup Sports Buildings and Precinct. The budgeted cost for this portion on the project is $250,000.
  •  $43,492 is budgeted to continue with the on-going program of playground shade sails installation.
  •  $45,000 has been set aside in the 2017/18 budget to carry out concept design work for a skate park in Dalyellup.
  • $70,443 for the continued capital investment in Information Technology in 2017/18.
  • $596,777 allocated for replacement of plant, machinery and vehicles.
  • Funding for on-going programs with $36,575 allocated for the playground replacement program, $26,000 for signage, seats and shelters for the Shire and $30,000 for Shire entry statements.

Council is continuing to invest in its core services both through capital and operating expenditure. Council is actively upgrading and renewing its infrastructure and has budgeted for:

  • Over $4.54 million in capital works on roads, drainage and paths as well as over $2.39 million in maintenance;
  • maintenance of parks, gardens, recreation grounds and community buildings is expected to cost almost $1.922 million; and
  • Collection, processing, transportation and disposal of waste and recyclable items are expected to cost over $2.08 million.In addition to these services, the Shire continues to provide some “non-core” services to ensure the health and well-being of the community such as mosquito monitoring and treatment, bush fire control, services for youth such as Inzone, three public libraries, support for community festivals and events as well as grants to community groups and others. The list is extensive and contributes to the overall diversity of the Shire of Capel.

I, therefore, commend the 2017/18 Budget to you and look forward to the programs, facilities and services detailed within it being delivered to all ratepayers and residents of the Shire of Capel.


MT Scott
Shire President