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Dalyellup Foxes – Update

Thank you to all the Dalyellup community members who have sent us details of 20 fox sightings. Most of the activity is happening along Hutt Drive, in the bushland coastal reserves. A pair of foxes was sighted at 5.48am on June 13th, heading south into the bushland from the beach car park at the end of Norton Prom.

We think the foxes are living in the dune areas and come out at night to do the rounds along the urban streets of Dalyellup looking for pet food, scraps and anything else they can eat.

They are disturbing the local dog population that can smell them as they do their early morning rounds.

It is fox breeding season from now until spring and it is essential we help protect our wonderful native wildlife from these very effective hunters.

The Shire of Capel will be engaging a fox trapper to try and trap these foxes in July . We will be asking residents to keep their pets away from the areas where trapping is being undertaken to make sure the foxes are not disturbed from their homes. Signs will be put in place and notices posted on Facebook an the Shire’s website.

Please keep reporting where and when you see a fox.

Rae McPherson
Shire of Capel
Engineering Environment Officer

Recent Fox Sightings

Hardwaste Collection Dates 2017

Please see below the Hardwaste collection dates for 2017.

Hardwaste Monday 17 July – Friday 28 July 2017

All waste must be placed on the verge prior to 7.00am Monday on the week of collection.

Please note that the contractor will only check your kerb once.


Department of Parks & Wildlife – 1080 Fox and Feral Cat Baiting

Please see the below information brochure regarding the Department of Parks & Wildlife’s Western Shield 1080 Fox and Feral Cat Baiting program.

For more information please contact your local Department of Parks & Wildlife Office.

Pet Owners Beware Brochure

Community Directory Update

The Shire of Capel’s Community Directory is currently being reviewed.

As part of this process we want to ensure that relevant groups / businesses that operate within the Shire of Capel area that wish to be listed in our directory are given the opportunity to add their details. If your group / business falls into one of the categories below and you would like to be listed in our directory, or if you are already listed but wish to update your details, please email your details through to Marisa Blandford at . Please include the physical address where your group meets / business operates along with a postal address, email address, website address if you have one (including Facebook pages), and the best name and contact phone number for the community to reach you.


  • Community Groups
  • Sporting Groups
  • Child Care
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Medical Services
  • Child Health Clinics
  • Veterinary Services
  • Fire Break Contractors


Notice is hereby given that the local government Shire of Capel has prepared the above mentioned planning scheme amendment for the purpose of:

1)   Add ‘Single Dwelling’ to Appendix 4 Special Use Zone Permitted Uses for Pt Sub Lot 49 Capel Drive, Capel.

Plans and documents setting out and explaining the scheme amendment have been deposited at the Shire Administration office in Forrest Road, Capel  or click here.

Submissions on the planning scheme amendment may be lodged in writing and should include the amendment number, the property affected and details of the submission and lodged with the undersigned on or before 28 July 2017.