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Dedicated Volunteers’ Thanked at Breakfast

While people were stirring from their slumber on Tuesday, December 5 something was afoot.

In the distance cars were gathering at the sleepy Elgin Hall to celebrate International Volunteers’ Day.

More than 100 volunteers from across the Shire of Capel were arriving to enjoy the celebration, many who enjoyed the buffet breakfast.

As volunteers entered the Hall, a smiling usher who set the tone of enjoyment and banter greeted them.

The Elgin Hall was buzzing with joviality, from people rekindling friendships and forming new networks.

Toni Steinbrenner and Win Savage gave a presentation on the Capel CWA and their recent SHOUT Retro Blast.

Michael Tichbon gave a heart-warming speech when he was presented with a WA Volunteer Service Award for twenty-five or more years of service to the Capel Land Conservation District Committee.

The Department of Communities, the Capel Community Bank Branch of Bendigo Bank and the Shire of Capel proudly supported the Shire’s Outstanding Volunteers’ Breakfast, with the aim of honouring valuable members of service groups, sporting bodies and community groups for their dedicated community involvement.


Shire Reaches Sustainable Milestone

The Shire’s health team is encouraging families in the community to live more sustainable lives, by distributing 2000 free kitchen bin caddies with a roll of compostable bag liners to primary schools in the area.

Students, at five of the seven primary schools in the Shire, will complete a quiz to test their knowledge about organic waste, in an effort to take home the caddies and share the information with their family.

The caddies are designed to sit on the kitchen bench and collect food scraps and organics to transfer into the 240 litre organics wheelie bin.

The distribution of the caddies has fulfilled the Shire’s next milestone of the Better Bins funding program.


Environmental Health Officer Naomi Milner said it is hoped this initiative will assist and encourage greater use of the organics bin and/or composting, which will divert food scraps from going to landfill.

“The caddies can be used with or without an organics bag liner. It is fantastic that our schools are keen to promote recycling and waste incentives,” Mrs Milner said.

Waste Education Officer Emma Clay said it was fantastic to see schools and families embracing the use of their organics caddies and bins.

 “By using these bins, residents are keeping thousands of tonnes of organic waste out of landfill, preventing greenhouse gases and creating a circular economy here in the South West,” she said.



Special Electors’ Meeting Update

More than 300 Shire of Capel electors and community members attended the Special Electors’ Meeting at the Capel Community Centre last Wednesday night.

Last month the Shire electors submitted a petition calling for a meeting to consider three motions related to the Regional Waste Facility.

Motions put to council:

  1. That the regional rubbish tip facility proposal has not been fully disclosed to the electors of Capel. Information and files are being withheld by the Shire of Capel to the detriment of electors, and full information and correspondence should be made available on request.
  2. The regional rubbish tip facility is totally unacceptable at its current proposed location (Reserve 14076 Goodwood Road, Capel) in the Shire of Capel and the proponents shall be advised of this from the Shire of Capel.
  3. The regional rubbish tip facility is a flawed concept and will not solve the problem of waste generated from the South West populous regions in the medium to long term.

The three motions received unanimous support from electors and these will now be considered by Council at its ordinary meeting on 20 December 2017.

President Murray Scott thanked all those who attended and complimented the electors and community members for behaving in a peaceful and respectful way during the proceedings of the meeting.

Road Ribbon for Road Safety® Campaign

The Shire of Capel is calling on the community to join us and help support the WALGA RoadWise Road Ribbon for Road Safety® campaign by wearing a free road ribbon.

Sunday, November 19 marked the first day of the Road Ribbon for Road Safety® campaign, coinciding with World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims. This community-based campaign provides an opportunity for everyone to get involved in road safety.

To show our support, we have erected a display at the Shire of Capel Building where free road ribbons and road safety messages will be distributed.

Our aim for this campaign is to get the community involved and help us work together to reduce the incidence of road deaths and injuries. The Shire of Capel is doing its part by advocating for lower speeds. We are asking the community to do their part, by making a conscious effort to be a safe road user.

Make a conscious effort to be a safe road user by:

  • turning off your mobile phone before driving,
  • adapting your speed to the weather, light, traffic and road conditions,
  • ensuring you are restrained when travelling in a vehicle,
  • taking a break, having a rest or if possible, swapping drivers to prevent the onset of fatigue promote local Driver Reviver operations and Coffee Stop participants, and
  • arranging a skipper, organising public transport or staying overnight if planning to drink.

For more information about the Road Ribbon for Road Safety® campaign, visit the RoadWise website;

Regional Waste Facility to cease

Investigation into the suitability of Reserve 14076, Goodwood Road Capel, as a regional waste facility will now cease.

The Capel Shire Council, on Wednesday night, passed a motion directing the chief executive officer Paul Sheedy to write to the Minister of Planning, Lands and Heritage to withdraw the request to seek a management order with power to lease the Reserve.

Mr Sheedy indicated that the South West Group of Councils would now reconsider their options at a proposed meeting in January 2018.

The Special Electors Meeting called by electors of the Shire and set to take place on Wednesday, November 29, at the Capel Community Centre, will still proceed as it is a requirement of the Local Government Act to hold the meeting once the date has been set.