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Greenwaste Collection

Greenwaste kerbside collection will be carried out in the residential areas of Boyanup, Capel, Dalyellup and Peppermint Grove Beach between Monday, October 16 and Friday, October 20, 2017.

Items that can be collected:

  • Trimmed tree and shrub branches to a maximum length of 1.5 metres (5 feet);

Items that will not be collected:

  • Large tree trunks or stumps (the machine is unable to pick these up);
  • No branches/limbs longer than 1.5 metres (5 feet) or 100mm diameter (4 inches);
  • No garden chemicals or associated products such as pots, soil, old reticulation;
  • No general household rubbish, treated wood products or junk will be collected; and
  • No cardboard boxes.

All greenwaste must be placed on the verge prior to 7:00am Monday on the week of collection.

Please keep clear of:

  • Reticulation;
  • Footpaths;
  • Fences;
  • Street signs; and
  • Street corners.

Please note that the contractor will only check your kerb once.

Note: Greenwaste put out after collection date will not be collected.  Anything not collected must be removed by the owners to the Capel Transfer Station.

Special Council Meeting Notice

Date:     Monday 23 October 2017

Time:     6.00pm

Venue:   Council Chambers
Shire Administration Office
Forrest Road, Capel

The purpose of this meeting is to swear in the new Councillors, elect the President and Deputy President and appoint representatives on Committees of Council.


Council in Brief – September

The Capel Shire Council meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday of every month. The meetings commence at 4.30pm in the Council Chambers and are open to members of the public.

September 27, 2017


Council has endorsed writing to the Minister for Planning, Lands and Heritage seeking a Management Order for Reserve 14076 Goodwood Road, Capel, with the power to lease, for the development of a future Regional Waste Facility. This is the first step in the long term proposal by the South West Group of local governments to establish a regional waste facility that will service the needs of the region and allow for the consolidation of most of the regions waste in one locality.


Council has endorsed the Chief Executive Officer submitting an Expression of Interest (phase two) in regards to the proposed sale of the Ocean Forest Lutheran College prior to the due date of 29 September, 2017. This will allow Council staff to continue with discussions with the landowners in relation to future use and possible purchase of the land and building. Council’s immediate priority is to secure ongoing use after 2017 of the school ovals that are currently used extensively by the community for sport and recreation.


Council agreed to the advertising of the draft amendment of the Dalyellup Beach Estate Local Structure Plan at Lot 9105 Harewoods Road, Dalyellup for a period of 28 days. The amendment provides the basis for future residential subdivision, provision of regional open space, public open space and creation of the community Purpose site for the future Surf Club facility. The final decision on whether to approve the amendment will be made by the West Australian Planning Commission following consideration of any submissions by Council and a recommendation by Council.


Council has agreed to grant Iluka Resources a further three (3) year extension to keep Fennell Road, Capel closed to allow them to remove all contaminated material from the road reserve. Once the works are completed rather than reinstate the road back to its former road surface the Council has agreed to allow Iluka Resources reinstate the area to an informal path status for pedestrian use.


Council has adopted the Permit Parking Area at the south western corner of the Dalyellup District Centre, Portobello Road, Dalyellup under its Parking Local Law. This area has two undercover bays that are specifically set aside for the drop off and pickup of disabled persons. Unfortunately the bays are being used as permit disabled parking bays and general parking by people, so the Community Rangers will now have the authority to monitor the bays and issue warnings initially and then start issuing infringement notices are a period of grace.


Council has endorsed the Shire of Capel Cats Local Law 2017 and the Shire of Capel Dogs Local Law 2017. The cat local law has been made to assist the Shire of Capel control the number of cats that can be kept, the way in which they are kept and provide a mechanism for dealing with cats that cause a nuisance. The dog local law extends the control over dogs provided by the Dog Act 1976, makes provisions about impounding dogs, and assists Council to control the number of dogs that can be kept at premises and the manner in which they are kept.





Seniors’ Yoga Classes









The Seniors’ Yoga Classes kicked off this week with a Wednesday class in Capel and a Monday class in Dalyellup.

The cost of the classes are $8 per person and go for one hour.

Participants just need to bring a water bottle and yoga mat.


Capel Community Centre

1pm to 2pm


Dalyellup Community Centre

9.30am to 10.30am

If you would like any more information contact Donna Sims – 9727 0222

Disability Access and Inclusion Survey

The Shire of Capel is committed to providing accessible and inclusive services, facilities and events. Disability access and inclusion refers to the removal of barriers that prevent a person with disability from participating in an equitable and dignified community life. One method that assists the Shire to provide equitable service and access is the implementation of a Disability Access & Inclusion Plan (DAIP).

In the past five years the Shire of Capel has achieved many outcomes by implementing our 2012 – 2017 DAIP. Whilst the changes and implemented initiatives have been small and large, noticeable and subtle, each and every one of them has contributed to removing or minimizing access and inclusion barriers for people with disability living in or visiting the region. Some of the initiatives we have achieved over the past five years include:

  •  Provision of accessible and inclusive technology in Shire Libraries;
  •  Path opening installed on Killerby Drive, Dalyellup for a resident in a wheelchair;
  •  Installed and improved ACROD parking bays and directional signage at Dalyellup Community Centre, Dalyellup Central Lakes Public Toilets, Capel Community Centre, Gelorup   Community Centre, Hugh Kilpatrick Hall and the Jack & Mary Kitchen Community Centre;
  •  Installed clearly visible signage to Shire facilities;
  •  Included tactile indicators at significant pathways and crossings;
  •  Updated Shire maps of public facilities including disability access components;
  •  Received funding to install an all-abilities playground as part of the Capel Civic Precinct Upgrade;
  •  Installed dual-use pathways and pedestrian pathways;
  •  Ensured the newly installed barbecue and picnic table in the Capel Civic Precinct are accessible to people with disability;
  •  Re-developed the Shire’s website with plain font, large click-on buttons and uncluttered text with an absence of background graphic and patterns;
  •  Held a luncheon for people with disability during Disability Awareness Week 2015. The aim of the luncheon was to enable the Shire’s Disability Access & Inclusion Reference Group to gain feedback from people with disability in order to develop an awareness of how we can improve access and inclusion in the Shire; and
  •  Renovated the Shire Administration Office and ensured the new building and car park adhered to the Disability Discrimination Act and Australian Standards.

The Shire is currently reviewing our 2012 – 2017 DAIP for the next five years and would like your thoughts on how to make our Shire a more inclusive and accessible place for everyone who lives or visits here. You can have a say by completing a survey through any of the following options:

  •  Online via the Shire’s website or request the link to be sent to you via email.
  •  By visiting a Council Library or the Shire Administration Building to obtain a hard copy of the survey.
  •  By phoning 9727 0222 and requesting the survey to be posted to you.
  •  By phoning 9727 0222 and requesting Donna Sims to assist you with completing the survey either over the phone or in person.

Hard Copies of the Survey can either be returned to a Council Library, the Shire Administration Building or posted to:

Shire of Capel

PO Box 369

Capel WA 6271

The closing date for the survey is Friday, October 20, 2017.

Take the Survey

For more information, please contact Donna on 9727 0222 or email