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Bussell Highway Shared Path Complete

Construction of the Bussell Highway shared path extension to Frances Road in Gelorup is now complete and open to the public.

This project provides a key connection between Gelorup and Dalyellup which could not have been possible without funding assistance from the Department of Transport.

Stage 2 will see the path extended to Hasties Street in early 2019.

Parents are encouraged to ensure children have the appropriate experience before attempting to cross the highway unaccompanied.

Hardwaste Collections July

Hardwaste collections will be undertaken from Monday, 23 July to Friday, 3 August.

Please do not place your items out more than a week before the collections take place.

Fox Trapping Now Taking Place

Thanks to the input from the community, the Shire of Capel has been able to engage a fox trapper to do 10 days of targeted fox trapping in Capel, Gelorup and Stratham. The trapping will be done during June.

It is now very important that people in these areas keep their domestic animals contained at night so they do not get trapped and that we have the best chance to get as many foxes as possible.

We will post progress trapping updates.

Cattle Roam to not so Greener Pastures

Shire Rangers have reported an increase in the number of cattle escaping from paddocks in the past few weeks and are urging residents to ensure their fences are secure.

Shire Ranger Donna Pead said cows were trying to get out of their paddocks to reach grass on the other side of the fence, as feed this time of year in the paddocks was scarce.

She urged residents to check their fences were secure, as it was dangerous to motorists when cattle were roaming onto the road.

She said cattle owners could be held liable for any damage caused by cattle getting out of their yards.

“It is important the cows have enough feed in the paddock, so ensuring they have hay or food on ground will prevent cattle from trying to escape,” she said.

If you spot a stray cow, please contact the Shire office on 9727 0222.

Norton Promenade – Beach Stairway

The Dalyellup north beach access stairway at Norton Promenade/Hutt Drive has had repairs carried out to improve access for beach users.

More works will be carried out on other stairways in Dalyellup over the next few months and residents will be notified of future beach stairway closures closer to the date.