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Shire Reaches Sustainable Milestone

The Shire’s health team is encouraging families in the community to live more sustainable lives, by distributing 2000 free kitchen bin caddies with a roll of compostable bag liners to primary schools in the area.

Students, at five of the seven primary schools in the Shire, will complete a quiz to test their knowledge about organic waste, in an effort to take home the caddies and share the information with their family.

The caddies are designed to sit on the kitchen bench and collect food scraps and organics to transfer into the 240 litre organics wheelie bin.

The distribution of the caddies has fulfilled the Shire’s next milestone of the Better Bins funding program.


Environmental Health Officer Naomi Milner said it is hoped this initiative will assist and encourage greater use of the organics bin and/or composting, which will divert food scraps from going to landfill.

“The caddies can be used with or without an organics bag liner. It is fantastic that our schools are keen to promote recycling and waste incentives,” Mrs Milner said.

Waste Education Officer Emma Clay said it was fantastic to see schools and families embracing the use of their organics caddies and bins.

 “By using these bins, residents are keeping thousands of tonnes of organic waste out of landfill, preventing greenhouse gases and creating a circular economy here in the South West,” she said.



Prohibited Burning Period Commences 2 December 2017

Due to the rapidly drying and warmer seasonal conditions, the Shire President and Chief Bush Fire Control Officer jointly have determined that as from 2nd December 2017, it will not be safe to burn off within the Shire of Capel.

As such, burning off is prohibited from midnight 2nd December 2017.

Persons who undertake burning off during the Prohibited Burning Period will risk being issued an infringement notice ($250) or being prosecuted, depending on the extent of the offence.

If any one has any questions regarding this notice and how it may impact on them, please do not hesitate to contact the Shire’s Community Rangers.

Regional Waste Facility to cease

Investigation into the suitability of Reserve 14076, Goodwood Road Capel, as a regional waste facility will now cease.

The Capel Shire Council, on Wednesday night, passed a motion directing the chief executive officer Paul Sheedy to write to the Minister of Planning, Lands and Heritage to withdraw the request to seek a management order with power to lease the Reserve.

Mr Sheedy indicated that the South West Group of Councils would now reconsider their options at a proposed meeting in January 2018.

The Special Electors Meeting called by electors of the Shire and set to take place on Wednesday, November 29, at the Capel Community Centre, will still proceed as it is a requirement of the Local Government Act to hold the meeting once the date has been set.

Mosquito Update

Barmah Forest virus continues to be detected from mosquitoes trapped in the Shire of Capel.

Recent surveillance efforts by the Department of Health indicate that the mosquito-borne virus remains active within the environment, so it is important that individuals take their own personal protection measures to prevent being bitten.

Shire of Capel environmental health officers are urging people to continue to cover up and use repellent when they are in mosquito prone areas.

The Shire of Capel Health team has conducted five mosquito aerial helicopter treatments, across approximately 200 hectares of breeding sites, equating to more than 10,000 hectares treated for the season.

Larvicide is distributed directly into monitored wetlands to kill larvae so they do not emerge into adults and while some areas are still experiencing a high level of adults, most breeding sites have now dried up.

Most mosquitos trapped within the Shire are mainly Aedes camptorhynchus species which breed in saltmarsh wetlands spanning throughout the Shire.

Local studies show individuals travel 3 km from the release point, and similar studies in WA have shown that this species can disperse at least 4.5 km in a rural area and 6 km in an urban area.

Known breeding sites therefore impact on a large number of residences, however it is also important to record mosquito types and investigate all possible sources.

If you see larvae in water bodies, please contact the Shire’s Environmental Health team to discuss how to prevent and treat the larvae by calling 9727 0222.




Capel Civic Precinct Stage 3

Capel Civic Precinct Site

Funding for the Capel Civic Precinct Stage 3 is secured and set to transform the town into a hub of vibrant activity with enhanced facilities for tourists and residents.

The stage 3 development went out for tender this week and it is expected that construction will start before the end of the financial year.

Stage 3 features an all abilities playground, an amphitheatre, youth centre, grassed areas and BBQs.

Capel Shire chief executive officer Paul Sheedy said council was delighted the $2.3 million Building Better Regions Federal Funding and $2.3 million State Government’s election commitment was secured for the project and could progress to completion over the next two years.

“The completion of stages 3  and 4 of this project will build on what has already commenced and drive Council’s desire to attract more day visitors,  tourists and businesses into Capel,” Mr Sheedy said.

You can access the online Tender Portal here.

Capel Civic Precinct Site

Capel Civic Precinct Site