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Mosquito Treatment Starts this Week

The Shire of Capel health team with the mosquito treatment helicopter which will start treating Shire wetlands to prevent mosquito breeding this week.

An increase in the number of mosquito larvae has resulted in the Shire of Capel health team kicking off its first helicopter treatment for the season this week.

The helicopter disperses a granular larvicide, formulated to have minimal impact on the aquatic environment, to wetland breeding areas to prevent the emergence of adult mosquitoes within the first 24 to 48 hours of application.

In past month the health team conducted larval monitoring and adult trapping to record the number of mosquitos breeding in known wetland areas with the aim to try and reduce the incidence of Ross River and Barmah Forest virus.

The health team will continue to monitor the mosquito population and conduct future helicopter treatments based on monitoring results as the weather conditions permit.  For further information please speak to an Environmental Health Officer by calling 9727 0222.


State Award Winners

The Shire of Capel was the winner of two categories at the 2018 Children’s Environment & Health Local Government Policy Awards, hosted by the Public Health Advocacy Institute of WA.

The Shire was named a winner in the Shade in Public Places category for its playground shade sail program, developed through a process of prioritisation using Cancer Council guidelines and as per the Council policy.

The Shire was also the winner of the Child Health and Development category for the Capel Youth Collective Drama Club, which is designed to provide opportunities for young people to learn and develop life skills to help them to achieve their goals.

Capel Shire Council President Murray Scott said winning the awards was a great achievement and one which reflected a positive change in the community.

“To see the Shire up against major metro councils and win two categories is fantastic and the staff involved should be very proud of the work they have achieved,” he said.

“Both of these programs improve the lives of people living in our community and promote healthy opportunities for children.

“The awards are a strong reflection of the dedicated commitment and work put in by staff, in particular, the community development team and the positive public health-related policy decisions made by Council over the past 12 months.”

Youth Development Officer Chloerissa Eadie said she had seen youth develop genuine relationships through team building activities and they had boosted their self-confidence through performance.

“The drama club has been a vehicle for engaging youth in the community and developed skills to respond to issues impacting on their lives,” Ms Eadie said.

Capel Shire Principal Environmental Health Officer Mark Chadwick said the Shire also received a high A+ report card rating for the Climate Change category, which reflected the sustainable work being done with schools across the shire.

One of the more significant projects completed in 2017-18 was the Recycle Right in Capel project, which was the distribution of 2000 kitchen bin caddies to encourage green waste disposal.

This project resulted in grant expenditure of $141,000 spent over three years towards waste recycling in the Shire.

“The project involved the participation of children from Tuart Forest Primary School, John Calvin Christian College and Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School,” Mr Chadwick said.

He said the project also resulted in the production of videos for social media and TV which was used to educate children and the community about how they can watch their waste.



Fences Removed to Reveal Capel Civic Precinct Stage 3

After six months of construction the fences at the Capel Civic Precinct Stage 3 have been removed.

Capel Shire Council Chief Executive Officer Ian McCabe said while the fences had been removed around the site, there were minor works still being carried out and he asked people to be cautious when using the area.

“We didn’t want to delay opening the new area to the public, given the final works can be done over the next couple of weeks,” he said.

“The BBQs at the skatepark and playground are not operational yet, the limestone capping throughout the skateable link is still being finished and there is an exciting new rope climbing tower to be installed.

“We ask that you please take care while using the precinct, especially the skateable elements which can be slippery when wet.”

He said this was a fabulous addition to the Capel Townsite and was excited to see the community enjoy the space.


Dalyellup Library Fit Out Complete

The new Dalyellup Library is one step closer to being opened on Friday 27 July, after the fit-out was finalised this week.

Capel Shire Council Chief Executive Officer Ian McCabe said the new space at the Dalyellup Shopping Centre would feature a children’s area, youth space and public computers.

Mr McCabe said the new library is at least double the size of the current library which will enable more programs to be carried out.

“This facility is an exciting development for the community of Dalyellup and the wider community of the Shire of Capel,” he said.

“Library services are changing in line with technology and community expectations and this new facility reflects that.

“This is a major project and a big move so we appreciate the patience of library users as the new facility is set up for the opening on 27 July.”

The public will be treated to new books, DVDs and audio books, alongside more shelving to house more resources and furniture for the community to enjoy, he said.

The Dalyellup Library will be closed from Tuesday 17 July and will reopen to the public on Friday 27 July where the whole community can head down and enjoy activities in the new library from 9am.

Some of the events for the day are below.



Pedestrian Beach Accesses Closed Peppermint Grove Beach

Due to storm damage along beaches at Peppermint Grove Beach, pedestrian access has been closed until early next week.

People can access beaches via the car ramps, until the beach access points have been repaired.

If you have any questions please call the Shire office on 9727 0222.