Capel Entry Points Come Alive With Steel Sculptures

Steel sculptures, at entrances into Capel, were installed this week, capturing the town’s natural assets and well-known attractions.

Local artist Erin Rafferty designed a number of entry statements for the Shire, which were inspired by the Tuart Forest, Capel River, Capel Bridge, dairy, horse and wine industries.

The sculptures are made of rusted Corten steel and Perspex to ensure they standout as a feature when people drive into the town.

The northern roundabout, off Bussell Highway, is a focus point for visitors with a number of steel tubes displaying a variety of iconic Capel landmarks and industries.

On Goodwood Road another steel sculpture attracts the eye with galloping horses imagery and says ‘Experience Capel’.

The idea of the entry statements is to promote the Shire and encourage people to stop in and experience what the town has to offer.